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MANILA EAST MEDICAL CENTER is located along Manila East Road, Brgy. Dolores, Taytay, Rizal. The first Tertiary Hospital in the province of Rizal, strategically located to serve and be in front of health care services to the people of Taytay and nearby municipalities and cities. Manila East Medical Center is here to serve the people... When each tick of the clock is as precious as every heartbeat. We will be there to look after you. In your hour of need, you need not be helpless.

Our Mission Statement

Provide the best possible healthcare, respecting human dignity and uniqueness of each constituent, regardless of social and economic status, personal attribute or the nature of the health problem.

Establish and maintain the highest medical standards of patient care and fiscal integrity of this institution recognizing that its objectives can be achieved through the preservation and growth of hospital assets.

Our Vision

Become the benchmark of comprehensive quality healthcare and effective service that is capable of matching and surpassing the other health industry leaders.

Major services for MEMC includes:

  - Electromyography-Nerve Conduction Velocity (EMG-NCV)
  - Electroencephalography Laboratory (EEG)
  - Hearing and Dizziness Center
  - 24-Hour Holter Monitoring
  - Philhealth Accredited
  - 24 Hours CT-Scan
  - Diagnostic & Laboratory Services
  - Dental
  - 2D Echo
  - Treadmill
  - MRI 1.5 Tesla
  - Mammogram
  - Memory Screening
  - Cataract Surgery
  - Hemodialysis
  - Rehabilitation Medicine(PT/OT SERVICES)
  - Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)
  - ESWL - Non-surgical Kidney Stone Treatment
  - Memory Screening
  - Histopathology Section
  - Wound Management and Healing Center
  - Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (ABPM)

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